• Art Confessions by Abbie Miller
    Are professional artist marketing measures cramping the true thrills of your creative mojo?
    Abbie Miller gets into it.
  • Gina Werfel’s Loosening Forms by Sarah Granett
    This week Practice talks to Gina Werfel about the shift in her painting from landscape to ebullient marks that leap from their skins.
  • Hearne Pardee: Knowing There is a Construct by Sarah Granett
    Practice speaks with artist Hearne Pardee about perception, landscape, and his experiential approach to abstraction.
  • The Hive: BirdDog Press by Kate Nelson
    Kate Nelson asks Allison Bozeman of BirdDog Press about the joys and challenges of running a letterpress company.
  • Residency Report: Rebekah Goldstein at Golden by Rebekah Goldstein
    Rebekah Goldstein recently spent a one-month residency at the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts. Here is her report.
  • Gallery: Jesse Farber 
    Tangled, cruddy nuggets of ruined lux pulsate, bead and bloom.