Carin Rodenborn is Co-Founder, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dime and Honey.  She is a visual artist and writer living and working in Denver, Colorado.  She shares a sweet little apartment with the love of her life and their big funny dog.

Sarah Granett is Co-Founder, Co-Editor-in-Chief, and Visual Coordinator of Dime and Honey. She recently moved to Los Angeles.

Adrienne Callander is an artist and Assistant Professor of Arts Entrepreneurship in New College at the University of Alabama. A transplanted New Yorker, she sees the South as a frontier in DIY enterprise and creative innovation. Dogs and coffee make her happy.

Jennifer Denrow edits Words for Dime and Honey. She is the author of California and lives in Denver, where she teaches and facilitates writing classes.

Abbie Miller is most often found behind a sewing machine or on a mountain with her dog, where she can stitch, build and think. She is the Design editor for Dime and Honey and works as a visual artist and clothing designer in the Pacific Northwest.



Martha Clippinger is author of Unpacking Our Collection for Dime and Honey. She is an artist living in Durham, North Carolina with her partner and their beloved borderline collie, Walter Benjamin.

Nell Painter (formerly known as the Princeton historian Nell Irvin Painter) is a painter who lives and works in Newark, New Jersey. She works digitally and manually, with subject matter both visible and obscured, depending on the work and her inclination toward meaning.

Selah Saterstrom is a writer, teacher, and diviner in the Southern Rootwork tradition. She is the author of three novels and teaches and lectures throughout the United States. A Mississippi native, she now makes her home in Denver, Colorado.



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