Letter from the Editor

Letter on the Debut of d&h

Dime and Honey is a conversation we have been having for over a decade, long before we knew we would call it Dime and Honey. It is a conversation about life as an artist.  Our experience and understanding of what it means to be an artist is more than the making. It is also about the living. It is about how our daily lives and work are intertwined.

I remember visiting Sarah, our Co-Founder and Editor of many hats, in her home and studio in Newark several years ago. It was winter. She lived in a funky old building that didn’t have heat, and I would wear my stocking cap at night as I nestled into my sleeping bag on a couch she painted that was both my bed while I stayed with her, and a work of art. I simultaneously experienced the stiffness of the painted surface and the comfort of spending time in the home of my dear friend.

Her studio was across the hall from her apartment in a chilly, yet vibrant space, filled with her rigorous and painterly obsessions of the moment. When Sarah is in her studio, she is all in.

One night we stayed up all night in her studio smoking cigarettes and talking about the work and what we were going to do next and how we were going to make it all happen. That conversation was like hundreds we have had over the years, and I believe, like many we will continue to have in years to come. These conversations are about the messy meanderings on our creative paths.

As we have been preparing and collaborating with the bright and generous contributors to Dime and Honey, the conversation has started to expand and take shape. We want to emphasize the value of what artists do, and how it relates to a wider cultural form of communication and connection. We are interested in how creative folks build lives around their creative practices, and how their lives influence their work. We want to explore and celebrate these stories.

In addition to producing and sharing exciting and meaningful content, we are interested in supporting the artists and other creative folks who are featured in and contribute to Dime and Honey by promoting their work. As we are getting off the ground, we are supported by a brilliant volunteer force. It is important to us that we work towards developing a strong and healthy business so that we are able to compensate our contributors for their hard work. Our hope is that Dime and Honey becomes a living laboratory to practice what we learn through the process of exploring creative sustainability.

To make that happen, please stay tuned for the unveiling of our shop that will accompany the magazine. Contributors to Dime and Honey and creative folks who have been featured in the magazine will be invited to sell their work in our shop. We envision an economic ecosystem where all parties benefit in some way through direct compensation or promotion of creative work. Or both!

Dime and Honey is interested in the holistic identity of the artist. What do the different creative paths artists choose to pursue look like, and how do they define success? When does one arrive? As many of us know from our experiences as artists, writers, designers and entrepreneurs, there are many challenges along these paths. We want to examine the challenges – creative, practical, emotional – as well as celebrate the life and work of the artist.

Carin Rodenborn, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief