• Gallery: √úlgen Semerci 
    √úlgen Semerci's painterly surfaces evoke vaporous, mineral forces, the voice of our earth in crisis.
  • Gallery: Steven Dressler 
    In Songs without Songs Steven Dressler cuts the music out of sappy music, leaving a slab of intricately conceived cover art.
  • Gallery: Jesse Farber 
    Tangled, cruddy nuggets of ruined lux pulsate, bead and bloom.
  • Gallery: Jamie Powell 
    Jamie Powell's sassy, boisterous, refigured painting. Take a look.
  • Gallery: Mert Diner 
    History is embedded in its negation in Mert Diner's paintings. Canvas cutouts applied on top, cover what's underneath. Weave of raw canvas, rubbed with pigment, appears both ethereal and bare. Overpa
  • Gallery: Kim Bennett and Chris Hosea 
    Over Time Across Space is a collaboration between Kim Bennett and Chris Hosea that has culminated in pierced, worded drawings, and stained, embroidered textiles.
  • Gallery: Kathleen McShane 
    Kathleen McShane's spacious mixed media collages feature bookshelves as pictorial building blocks bridging blank space. These shelves are heights to crimp, scramble, backstep or belay. They float, reach, span, connect, convey, and they erupt suddenly in vivid infectious flames -- poof!
  • Gallery: Anne Percoco 
    In Field Studies, Anne Percoco constructs analogue-media gardens of plant imagery culled from the Yellow Pages. These lush, pseudo-verdant landscapes, both earthly and paper-thin, speak to changes in media, technology and environment, and the poignant contradictions of contemporary Romanticism.