Mothership: An Introduction of Rambling, yet Economic, Proportions

Carin Rodenborn introduces Mothership, a space where we don’t have to put the toys away at the end of the day.

Mothership: an Introduction
My nephew, Will, installs a Tuttle-like drawing in natural light.

I will not have time to say it all. I will not have time to make it all. I don’t have time now, and I will have even less time when we have a kid. So, I have to say it fast.

I took Art instead of Home Ec. I am uncertain if this was a good decision.

My shaman reminds me all the time that I have plenty of time. Thankfully, because others remind me that time is running out. A sense of time I have no mind for.

In response to why we should do this:
Because I am crazy about you and you are crazy about me.
And because we both like museums and we both like libraries.

Other reasons to have babies:
They are adorable.
They are bliss in little chubby bodies.
They will draw better when they are three than most adults you know.
They grow up to take care of you when you are old and can’t retire because you are an artist and made sacrifices for your work.

Reasons not to have babies:
There are a lot of babies.
Someone always needs a babysitter – you can babysit.
You can sleep.
Some of them grow up to become artists.

I think I might like to do it the way Patti Smith did. A career in two acts with a long intermission of raising.

Just in case I can’t afford that, pretend like I didn’t say that. Yet, I am asking to afford that.

Mothership. Motherland. Motherhood. Motherfucker. (Sorry, Mom.)
A vessel. A home. A landscape. A curse. A blessing.

To be sensitive on the occasion that we are having a difficult time understanding each other. We can try to speak in the mother tongue of the other. You draw? Let me draw with you. You sing? Let me sing with you. You run? Let me run with you.

Dads, of course, too please.

Mothership is a space for unwinding and unraveling. It is a space where we don’t have to put the toys away at the end of the day. We can leave them strewn about in a joyful mess. Welcome.