Gallery: Kim Bennett and Chris Hosea

Over Time Across Space is a collaboration between Kim Bennett and Chris Hosea that has culminated in pierced, worded drawings, and stained, embroidered textiles.









Over Time Across Space

Over Time Across Space is a collaboration between Kim Bennett and Chris Hosea that has culminated in pierced, worded drawings, and stained, embroidered textiles. Kim and Chris have kindly allowed Dime and Honey to publish fragments of the word drawings here in our August Words Gallery.

The following, written by the artists, describes their project.

During the creation of Over Time Across Space, Kim and Chris spoke on the phone about every five weeks, generally for about one to two hours. Topics included: the nuclear fusion test-reactor at Princeton, John Bowlby’s theory of separation anxiety, the form and content of Quaker meetings, childrearing techniques, spoken-word performances of Sharon Hayes, Eric Garner, the Whole Earth Catalogue, musical notation, Chris’s sex life, handwriting, the legible in abstract art, photographer Myles Paige, Eileen Myles, Maria and Vito Acconci, art advisers Clay Press and Greg Linn, Printed Matter and Keith Grey, the nature of the “jock” male, advertising, Eric Linkser, the On Kawara retrospective, Harvard’s Center for High-Energy Metaphysics, John Ashbery, Claudia Rankine, crime in Oakland, Martin Kippenberger’s Hotel Drawings, political correctness in Berkeley, Stephen Malkmus, certain museum and gallery curators, Michael Brown, alcoholism, anonymous online accusations of criminality, drone warfare, racist policing, trauma, surveillance, rape, illegal immigration, Barack Obama, the One Percent.

Photocopy the drafts/scrolls with writing on them, take the photocopied draft + writing and trace out new shapes, marking edges of lines or moments of stress in the text with black dots. Photocopy the new draft. Poke holes in the photocopy and place it over a clean piece of fabric. Scrub sumi ink through the holes onto the fabric. Embroider over some of the black dots. Switch between embroidering on the front side and the back in places where the ink soaks all the way through the fabric. Repeat. Note: If embroidering on a dark ground, use white acrylic paint for the transfer.

Over Time Across Space is on view at Transmitter in Brooklyn from July 10 – August 9, 2015.

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All images courtesy of the artists.